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SMT Feeder types, 

1. different smt machines with different smt feeders, but different model of the same brand machine can use the same feeder,like panasonic feeder.  

2. Base on the size and types of components, smt feeder could be divided into three types : Tube feeder; Tray Feeder; Bulk Feeder. 
Tape feeders with the different size such as 8mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm etc.  

3. Base on the feeder condition, smt feeder also could be divided into four types:  original new SMT feeder parts, used original SMT feeder parts, imitation/copy new SMT feeder parts,  imitation/copy used SMT feeder parts,

Original feeder is made by original smt machine production manufacturers.  Due to the large demand for smt feeder, currently there are many copy new feeders parts. Our feeders quality is also very great and looking forward to your cooperation!

X01A38507 Panasonic CAM 7.5 5.0mm
X01A38507 Panasonic CAM 7.5 5.0mm

104540600901 1087106008 Panasonic AI BRACKET
104540600901 1087106008 Panasonic AI BRACKET

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